Everyone seems to be a Branding Expert these days.

Has any other word been so overly used and abused over the years? “Your brand is you.” “You are your brand.” “Your brand is your future.” We say “Whatever.”

Clearly branding is an important concept in the long-term marketing plan for any product or service. It’s also a nebulous buzzword.

Here’s where we stand: If you plan strategically, and market creatively, your brand will emerge (and evolve) naturally. A “brand” is simply the summation of the consumer relationship with a product and its advertising. Coca Cola? Nike? Apple? They didn’t start as brands, they started as products. They became brands through innovative, consistent marketing that communicated a clear promise. Getting there takes smart thinking, creative risk-taking, and a genuinely open and honest client /creative partnership. The fact is, nobody knows the promise of your product or service as well as you do.

We’ll help you articulate that difference and present it in a smart and strategic way that makes you relevant and distinctive in the consumer’s mind, through advertising, design, digital, social, video + web.

If that’s what you call branding, then that’s what we do.